Laundry Tips

Your hamper’s solidly over thirty pounds and you don’t feel like lugging it to the cleaners, you’ve already made two trips to Kmart for clean socks, and you’re seriously debating going commando? Quit being nasty and do your laundry, son!

Hi Founders residents, my name is Marissa and I’m the RA on the 22nd floor. Below are a few tips to manage your OOC (Out Of Control) laundry.

First, Check your Campus Cash balance at before you head down to the laundry room. You can make an online deposit with a $2 transaction fee, or avoid the fee by making a deposit the next time you grab lunch at Third North. The Campus Cash machine is located in the 11th Street lobby.

Separate your clothes by color- darks (dark washed denim, blacks, deep blues, purples, greens, browns, and greys), lights (light washed denim, pastels, light greys, and khaki colored items), and whites (socks, solid colored white shirts). Also separate by fabric when necessary, for example, don’t wash your towels with your linens or clothes, from personal experience, it will leave unwanted towel lint EVERYWHERE.

Pour in your choice detergent and liquid fabric softener into the washing machine. If you have any stains on your clothes, pre-treat with your favorite stain remover, and pop your clothes into the machine. Make note of the time and come down promptly- if you don’t take your clothes out on time, trust me, someone else will!

Nuggets of Laundry Knowledge:

Always wash your jeans inside out to preserve color.

Ladies, hand wash or simply wash your bras and then air dry- it makes your bras last longer and prevents a wire from poking you in the middle of class- NOT fun!

Be mindful of your clothing tags. If they are dry clean only, don’t chance it- set them aside for the cleaners.

As colder weather is approaching you will be washing your sweaters. Washing cotton blend sweaters is okay, but get your green on and air dry your sweaters to cut down on energy and avoid sweater shrinking incidents.

Happy washing! :)


2 Responses to Laundry Tips

  1. Amanda says:

    Great ideas! My friend and I operate a wash and fold laundry service that we started because of students. We live near a large campus and knew that in college time is crucial. Between studying, attending classes and trying to maintain a social life laundry can get in the way. If you can’t afford a laundry service try this simple tip: Toss a few tennis balls into the dryer and it will fluff bulky items while cutting drying time down by about 25%!

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