NYC on a budget

Living in the city isn’t cheap, but there are a few places you can go for cheap, even free, substance-free fun!
First off, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue) is suggested donation so if you’re willing to take that mean glare you can get in with just one dollar (or less). If you haven’t fulfilled your Expressive Cultures MAP requirement yet, I highly recommend taking one of the History of Western Art classes. It’ll make your trip to the MET even better when you have some knowledge about the pieces. The American Museum of Natural History (Central Park West at 79th Street) is also suggested donation, except they print out how much you actually paid on your ticket so you have proof of your broke-ness. I always go straight to the dinosaurs and then to see the giant whale, but there’s a lot to do there and a lot of cool little films on subjects like evolution for you to sit and enjoy. The Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street) has sponsored free Friday night admission after 4 p.m. so if there’s a special exhibit that you’ve had your eye on, wait til Friday night and you can go see it for free.
If museums aren’t your thing, you can go to the Bronx Zoo free Wednesdays. And of course we can’t forget Central Park and the Highline – both great parks, always free.
Good luck keeping your wallet nice and fat!


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