NYU Bike Share

NYU Bike Share

Need a faster way to get to campus? Pining for the sensation of wind blowing through your hair? Want to try bicycling in the city for the first time? Too broke to buy your own bike? Don’t fret. The NYU Bike Share is here. Loaning a bike from the NYU Bike Share is simpler than you think.

 Steps to the NYU Bike Share:

• Attend a safety and registration session (The time and location of the next safety training can be found at: www.nyu.edu/sustainability/campus.projects/bike.share)

• Loan a bike from the Resource Center

• Ride safely

• Return the bike 30 minutes before the Resource Center closes

The NYU Bike Share is completely FREE for students. It is a great resource for students who have curiosity about biking in the city, but do not want to make the financial commitment of a bicycle purchase.  Bike Share bikes are available through the Resource Center and conveniently located in Founders Courtyard. After rental, the bike can be returned to any Bike Share location. Whether you want to cut 10 minutes of your commute to class or take a Sunday cruise along the beautiful Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, the Bike Share is simple and effective means of transportation.


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