“Hey Founders!
Are you feeling the stresses of finals? Do you have so many papers to write and web-assign problems to do that you just can’t find the time to do them all? Has this stress started to effect your daily discourses and emotions? If so, there are many resources available to all of us NYU students to held de-stress and re-center our energies!

One of my personal favorites is something called “STRESSBUSTERS” on Wind-Down Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 @ The Student Health Center (3rd Floor). Come enjoy a free 5 minute back-rub and learn ways to cope with your stress!
Get involved with the weekly meditations offered at our Jewish Life Center (Bronfman 7E 10th street) ! Check for times!

Find peer support at weekly De-stressing Clinics offered every Thursday from 4-5pm @ the Student Health Center (4th Floor)

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating donation-based yoga class at Yoga To The People on St. Marks Place, or challenge yourself to a Hot Yoga (Bikram) Class on 26th street between 6th and 7th aves for only $8! (Plethora of times to accommodate any schedule)

Another popular Student Health Center program (3rd Floor) is Free Tea on “Meet Us Mondays” from 3:30-4:30!
For more information about Student Health Center free programs, visit the 3rd floor of 726 Broadway or
STaY Relaxed and Achieve more!

-Tyler Y. 11th Floor RA


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