NYU Religious Resources

NYU is full of people from diverse backgrounds with diverse ideologies/perspectives on life. NYU supports and caters to all these different individuals through providing different resources. Below are just some of the organizations that NYU supports or is affiliated with, along with the contact information. Remember, if you’re ever looking for an NYU Resource and don’t know where to find it, contact the Student Resource Center!

Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
7 East 10th Street
(212) 998-4114

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
University Chaplain
Bronfman Center
(212) 998-4118

Catholic Center at NYU
Fr. Vincent DeLucia, O.P.
University Chaplain vgd2@nyu.edu
Thompson Center, 1st Floor
238 Thompson St.
Fr. John McGuire, O.P., Pastor
University Parish of St. Joseph
Sixth Avenue and Washington Place
(212) 674-7236 and (212) 741-1274

Islamic Center at NYU
Imam Khalid Latif
University Chaplain
Islamic Center 

Kimmel Center for Student Life
60 Washington Square South – #206
(212) 998-4712

Potestant Ministries at NYU
Reverand Susan Field
University Chaplain
Protestant Ministries
Kimmel Center for Student Life
60 Washington Square South – #206
(212) 998-4711
John Merz
Episcopal Chaplain

Additional Student Religious Club Contacts


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